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A few notes to inform

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The Club follows all government Health and Safety guidelines when appropriate


The Over 50's Badminton Group was formed in the mid 1990's and at that time the Group met at the

Gutttman Centre, Stoke Mandeville. Whilst refurbishment work was in progress the Group re-located to

Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community centre, and by the time the refurbishment was completed

many of the members decided that they liked where they were, and from 2007 the community centre

has become our permanent “home”.

Members are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, and get along together extremely

well, many lasting friendships have been formed which extend beyond the regular playing sessions.

Social events are also popular and well attended. Some typical events include bowling, gliding, and trips

to the National Badminton Championships, as well as the annual Christmas dinner.

The Group is now constituted as a not-for-profit Club managed by a Committee selected from the


In 2018 the group received a grant from AVDC’s (now Bucks Council) Micro grant scheme for

equipment to open a new Short Tennis club for the over 50’s.



Membership is open to men and women over the age of 50 years

Those wishing to join the Club should first contact the Membership Secretary who will provide an application form. Once completed and returned, if appropriate, the applicant will be invited to a playing session at one of the prescribed session times for the purpose of:-

1. To permit the applicant to decide whether or not to proceed with the application.

2. To determine the applicants playing suitability within the context of the existing club players, although not set high we do play competitively. It should be apparent, to both the applicant and the current members, whether they will be compatible.

Assuming that there is a place available, a successful applicant would then be offered membership.  Alternatively, the applicant could be offered a place on the Club's Waiting List if  the total membership limit is reached.

All applicants must agree to abide by Club Guidelines and the Rules and Conditions set by The Q&M Community Centre.


There are no joining or annual subscription fees. The playing fee is £3.50 per session payable at the time.

Fees are reviewed and set by members at the Club's AGM which, normally, is held in April of each year.

Court Preparation

The sports hall is used for a variety of activities. Consequently, on arrival it is normal to have to set up the nets and stands which are stored in a large cupboard on the rear left-hand side of the hall. Those members who arrive first are requested to position the stands and attach the nets.

Members playing in the final games are requested to return the nets and stands to the storage cupboard and to switch off lights and air circulation fans before leaving the Hall.

Playing Code

The Club was established in order to provide older players with the opportunity to enjoy badminton in a

relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Of course, at all levels, members are competitive and play to win. However, the Club expects members to

display fairness and show courtesy and respect to their opponents at all times.

Any disputes during a game should be referred to the members watching so that they might arbitrate, if not

a "let" should be called and the point re-played.

Game Selection Procedure

The Club offers Doubles Badminton and Tennis exclusively.

One of the Club's prime objectives is to ensure that all members are treated equitably during the playing session. A procedure has been drafted to ensure game selection is as fair as possible. Our expectation is that, during a playing session, members have the opportunity to play a similar number of games with a variety of partners, whatever their playing ability.

The Club uses the "Peg Board System" and this generally ensures a good mix of partners and abilities. We ask that members adhere to the peg system, thus avoiding bias and any conflict of interest. It is essential that any member who feels they are being overlooked in the  selection process make this known to the members at the time, no one should be left out, however unconsciously.

The peg system is simple, however the intricacies are best explained to new members once they join.

Please note that the peg board and player's pegs are stored in one of the locked Club cupboards in the Kitchen Area. The Club has several sets of keys held by nominated members who will open the cupboard when he/she arrives.

Domestic Arrangements

The Club has the use of the kitchen areas, which are accessible from the Centre Lobby. Hot and cold refreshments are free. Members are encouraged to prepare drinks for themselves and others during the playing sessions and help with the washing up at the end of the session, materials should be stored and the cupboards locked. After locking, keys are to be handed to the nominated member or, in his/her absence, retained until the next session.

Health and Safety

The Club has insurance for 3rd Party Liability only. Members should seek their own personal accident cover if this is required. We have a comprehensive First Aid kit available to members for minor injuries, emergency services will be contacted in the event of more serious accidents.

The Community Centre also has a Defibrillator.

Members are asked to ensure that personal belongings are kept on or under the chairs to avoid trip hazards, and act responsibly at all times to prevent accidents.

Suspension/ Termination of Membership

In the unlikely event of unacceptable conduct by a member, the Club reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership.

Termination of membership is the sole reserve of the Committee. Except in the most serious of cases, and before any final decision is taken, the member concerned may be asked to meet with the Committee (or a group of members nominated by the Committee) in order to provide an explanation. At this meeting, the Committee will review the explanation then, simply warn the member, confirm suspension (for a limited period) or fully terminate the individual's membership. Committee decisions are final.

The Club also has a Complaints Procedure available as a “download” upon request.

All policy documents relating to rules, guidelines, and safety are also available.

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